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History of the Alpenblick

The Hotel Restaurant Alpenblick in Heiligenschwendi was built in 1914 by Margrith and Karl Lüthi. They managed the business until 1952 when they handed their life's work over to their son Charles and his wife Ruth, thus establishing the Lüthi family heritage. In the 25 years that followed Charles and Ruth renovated and expanded the hotel.

In 1977 the family business was taken over by their son Paul and his wife Silvia keeping the Alpenblick in the Lüthi family for yet a third generation.  Following several major renovations and a further expansion the Alpenblick developed into what you find here today. Now operated by the third generation of Lüthis the Alpenblick is proud to have the fourth generation already active in day-to-day operations. 


  • 1914 - 1952
    Margrith & Karl Lüthi-Matti
  • 1952 - 1977
    Ruth & Charles Lüthi-Gutknecht
  • 1977 - 2011
    Silvia & Paul Lüthi-Oberholzer
  • since 2012
    André Lüthi, Michèle Bartlome-Lüthi, Stefanie Lüthi
Hotel Alpenblick HeiligenschwendiHotel Alpenblick HeiligenschwendiHotel Alpenblick Heiligenschwendi
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